Loving the Calf Bass Enhancer "unstable" plugin... but be careful

So I decided to check out the Calf Bass Enhancer plugin which is in the “unstable” list.

It’s an amazing plugin but it will probably blow your speakers if set too high…

I start with the default settings, turn on the “floor” set to 20Hz to make sure it’s not sending out any sub frequencies. Then turn up the amount only to 2.
That’s it… Maybe to 3… but any more and I feel like I may blow my speakers with so much bass!
This setting gives my bass an amazing low end.

The first time I tried it my whole house shook with what was coming out of my sub!

Anyway… Loving this plugin… but user beware!

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I thought Calf Bass Enhancer uses mostly overtones to fool you with bass. Isn’t the author working for mod devices? I love the calf plugins.

It probably is fooling me with overtones but it does a great job!

I think it was designed more for a studio use but it fills in that low frequency really nicely. Just use sparingly…

For Bass Enhancing you may also try The Mole or Hogs Foot, from the guitarix suite. They are in the stable branch, but unfortunately placed under distortion, which they aren’t, they are filters.

I will give those a try!
Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve just checked out the Calf unstable plugins - the bass enhancer is properly amazing. At the moment, it requires so much CPU I can’t really include it on a board with a ton of other plugins for live use, but as a studio thing, it’s brilliant. Reminiscent of the V.O.G bass enhancer (either the hardware version or the UAD plugin).

There are a fair few of the Calf plugins that seem to be pretty close to stable functionality, and a couple that are amazing but could probably benefit from some work on dropping the CPU load… are they being developed as an ongoing thing? Any chance of separating them out from the massive suite that you have to install to get any of them?

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