Loving the x42 Organ Overdrive


I’m loving the x42 Organ Overdrive.

I’ve been very interested in achieving my sound saturation and other non-EQ functions. The parameters on the pedal are Bias, Feedback, SagToBias, Postdif Feedback, Global Feedback, input gain, and output gain. I have no idea what most of these mean or do. So it did take me quite a bit of experimentation and try to understand how each affects the sonic quality.

An unintended bonus of this pedal is that it gates the sound and cuts the typical hiss that you hear when not playing. Not sure if it’s intentional but I love it!

I’ve been looking for a plugin which introduces upper harmonics to my bass sound without being harsh sounding and this has achieved it. It did take some time to tweak the settings but I like it over other traditional means.

I also use it as my main guitar like sound on my NS/Stick. It gives a great overdrive sound and the gate is a bonus for keeping things quiet.

Just wanted to give my praise of this plugin.


Interesting, thanks! Adding to my list of things to demo. Do you have a pedalboard you can share?

I was just thinking of starting a thread for tributes to favorite plugins and this is exactly the kind of content I would enjoy seeing more of.


I will post a pedalboard with sound sample with both bass and melody sides of my NS/Stick soon.

Full disclosure… I do have an EQ after the Organ Overdrive for the bass side to notch out an undesirable frequency. On the melody, or guitar, side I don’t use any EQ plugin, just the EQ on the amp sim. I use an EQ plugin for correction and getting things to sit in a mix but the overall tone doesn’t use EQ.