Low-Z pickup

Hi, I have a low-z pickup for an acoustic guitar. I noticed this signal is too low without a preamp for a budget interface like Onyx Blackjack.

Would the Mod Duo X or Dwarf preamp gain be enough or should I also have a separate preamp?

Mod devices can quite well handle any sort of input from MIC to LINE level.

My interface above officially handles both as well but there is too much noise when trying to boost this signal.

So on the mod, when bringing a mic level up to line, how much of a noise floor can I expect?

The Mod engages the relevant preamp depending on the level setting control.

Which mic exactly do you use?

Thanks for asking. It is a magnetic pickup low z 850 ohms: https://www.mjscustompickups.com/mjs-custom-acoustic-sound-hole/

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I suppose if the device is suitable for mics like the Shure sm57, which has low impedance (150-300 ohms), and there is low noise on the way out, it should be ok for my purposes.

Can you guys confirm if this is the case? This is a frequent concern for anyone buying preamps in any form, whether they can handle mics like the sm7b, sm57, etc. without introducing too much noise. I know the Onyx Blackjack with “60 db” gains simply cannot.

Hi, just following up on this. Would need to know before ordering.

Or if devices end up in stores (like Moog Audio), I can try it out there?