Main Save pedalboard does not affect snapshots

Hi! I’m playing around with default pedalboard DESTROYER RIG and I tried to save abGate parameters via main Save menu but I see that parameters are saved only via Snapshot save menu item actually. Is it by design?

When snapshots are active, the 1st snapshot is loaded when loading the pedalboard.
Might lead to some confusion…

I know but I mean something else.

  2. Select snapshot 0. Clean-Esque
  3. Change Range parameter (of abGate plugin) from -90 (default value) at your will, let’s say -50
  4. Press the main save button
  5. Select snapshot 1. Crunch
  6. Check Range parameter (should be -90)
  7. Select snapshot 0. Clean-Esque
  8. Check Range parameter (should be -50 since I saved the pedalboard via main save button on step 4. but it is still -90)

It seems that main save menu doesn’t save current snapshot parameters. To do so you have to use save menu item from snapshots menu.

That is correct. This is so that you can experiment with the current snapshot and don’t save it by mistake.

Whatever this is correct behaviour is questionable.
But feels risky to change behaviour now, some people might be used to the current way things work.

Let me ping @jesse our product specialist to comment on this :sunglasses:

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Not an issue for me, I found it only “uncommon”. :+1:

Just by curiosity because someone asked on another forum, without a connected browser, the Save menu obtained on the Dwarf by pressing left button does save nothing ?
I tried it and nothing saved after navigating to another board and coming back, or am I missing something ?

Yeah, this is an unfinished v1.11 feature.
Drop to v1.10 so it only has the finished things.


I downgraded to 1.10 and the Save Pb does not save the changed parameters ?
Or should I look for a snapshoot for this ? How without a browser ? menus are different than for DuoX.
I am lost.
(The downgrade worked well)

The “destroyer rig” built-in pedalboard uses snapshots, so that would explain it.

We (MOD team) need to rethink this…
Perhaps the save function should do pedalboard + current snapshot at the same time…
We have in-device pedalboard and snapshot management as one of the new features in v1.11, so the right time to recheck this is now.

Sorry for the confusion


I am using the GTR: Super clean board but it certainly must behave as the destroyer.
What I don’t understand is how to navigate between snapshoots directly on Dwarf ? Setting the navigation mode only shows pedalboards, where are the snapshoots ? I traversed all menus but no mention of snapshoot ? Is it related to your remark about a rethink ?

Still a working in progress page (and that’s why it’s not yet visible on the wiki), but you can find this explanation here.

While on the navigation mode push the Footswitch A to access the list of snapshots saved on the selected pedalboard (if you have no snapshots nothing will appear). You navigate this list using the Footswitch B and C and it works in everything as on the pedalboards list.

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