MDA dub delay - delay time issue

I had a few pedal boards using this delay and I would set the delay time to match specific BPM’s, although the plug-in doesn’t sync to bpm, this was fine.

I’ve just added it to a recent pedalboard and when I set the delay time, it just outright does not use it. Is there something about this delay that I don’t know?

I added the Ducking Delay Stereo, and set that to 1500 ms (same as MDA dub delay), and it totally used that delay time correctly, but A/Bing these two delays revealed that the MDA Dub Delay is no longer doing what it should.

I do have audio files playing in this pedalboard, and I wonder if sample rates of those, or other background elements may be affecting the delay time of the MDA dub delay?

Sorry for the late reply on this. I wanted to give it proper care, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the time.
Are you still facing this issue or have you found a solution?

Yes the issue remains. I may have to make a simple pedal board to isolate what could be causing it.


That would be help us a lot!

Just an FYI - I made a pedal board only using this plug-in, and the calculation of MS is entirely off.
If I put in 6000ms it outputs a delay at 4000ms.

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With that specific plug-in there is a bug, as mentioned in this thread.

Hopefully to be fixed, as I love this plug-in ! :grinning: