Merge backed up data with existing data. Is it possible?

Hello everyone!

Is there a way to “merge” backed up data on a USB drive with the data currently in the device?


I thought it was the way it works by default… Not sure though !


No it’s not.
There is only a “restore user data” option that erases everything inside the MOD.

I imagine that using SSH this might be possible.


Ah okay…
I think the trick is to backup again on the same USB stick (you can backup your backup on your computer before this test). I know that all the default pedalboards that I’ve backuped and deleted have come again in the restore I’ve made last week.

I don’t see the pedalboards in SSH. You’ll see the banks.json (list of your banks this wich pedalboard is in each), favorites.json (list of your favorite plugins), last.json (the last pedalboard you used), prefs.json (some preferences like showing beta plugins), profile5.json (your profile preferences), user-id.json (your user name and email)


Hello @Rom

Ok… Help me understand.

Imagine this scenario…

  1. Backup the data of my DUO which lets say has 100 Pedalboards (lets call it BK#1)
  2. Add 2 new pedalboards and delete 1 old pedalboard (now we have 101 Pedalboards)
  3. Backup again the data of my DUO to the same USB stick (lets call it BK#2)
  4. Restore the backup to the DUO using the USB wich now have the BK#2 inside it

What will be the result?

  • Will the BK#2 have merged the data with BK#1 and now I have 102 Pedalboards to the restored data? or…
  • Will the BK#2 erase the previous backup (BK#1) on the USB stick and I will have 101 Pedalboards to the restored data?
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This is what I’ve seen.
To be sure and careful you can transfer your different backups in your PC before restoring


Later on I will try that.
Do you know if this will work across devices? Like restoring the MOD backup to a Dwarf?


No idea !

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Nope, you cannot restore a Duo backup to a Dwarf. I’ve tried and failed and it was confirmed not to work by the Mod team here on the forum!


Spoken like a tester! You don’t happen to do software testing professionally, do you? :slight_smile:

So, you as a previous DUO user had to recreate all your pedalboards on the Dwarf?

:thinking:Can I make money doing something that I like? :joy:


I didn’t have many so I rebuilt some from scratch and uploaded one to the Mod pedalboard sharing site to then download onto the Dwarf. Not ideal, I know.

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LOL absolutely. You’ve demonstrated a real testing mindset!


IIRC, pedalboards are stored in .pedalboards (dotted directories are hidden by default in Linux but can be shown with ls -a)


Hello @unbracketed

I’ve managed to see the pedalboard directory but when I try to change to the directory It says that does not exist.

I’m on windows using WinSCP and I’m unfamiliar with command line. :grimacing:

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you should be able to exit console and refresh the winscp explorer to show all folders.


It has been a while since I last used WinSCP.
It was simple enough!!! Just needed to type the name of the directory on the winscp explorer.
I can see everything now.

I imagine that now I can backup/restore single pedalboards, correct?

Thanks Guys!!!

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Just trying stuff for fun…
I can now easily identify my own pedalboard on the pedalboard library! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is how I do it from a " Terminal" session on my Mac:

Fetch all pedalboards from Mod Device
scp -r root@*

Copy back/replace all pedalboards to Mod Device
scp -r *.pedalboard root@

Restart webserver afterwards
ssh root@ systemctl restart mod-ui

Of course you can modify this for a specific pedalboard.

Note: The IP address may change weather you are connected through Bluetooth or USB.