Message Startup problem with the expression pedal

Hello i’ve this messahe when i star my Mod DUO X, can you explain me ?

If you are using anything other than 1.10.4, this can be a false positive.
Update to it and retry.

If you are unable to access to web gui, follow the steps in Releases - MOD Wiki to manually update.

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I click ok on the right button and I have no reaction when I find click or turn the left button

for information I had a problem during the last update

No respons ?

So what version do you have installed now?

I had the problem during the update entry 10.3 and 10.4.

I am pretty sure this is fixed in v1.10.4, as others that had the issue confirmed it.
Please reinstall v1.10.4 again, to make sure you have that version, instructions at Releases - MOD Wiki

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Thanks, but the problem i don’t have reaction when i turn the left button.
other solution ?

Just press down on the left encoder and button while powering on the unit.
It will boot into restore/upgrade mode and you will be able to apply the 1.10.4 update.

thanks a lot