MIDI CC to toggle on/off function

I´ve been trying to toggle on/off some functions and plugins using the MIDI learn but I can´t make it act as a toggle switch.
The plugin remains “on” only while the foot switch is pressed down acting as a momentary switch.

The MOD learns the midi message but acts like I described above.
Is this the expected behavior or am I missing something?

I´m testing the midi controlling with a BOSS GT-10.

This depends entirely on how the MIDI device works.
MOD treats MIDI values < 64 as off, and >= 64 as on (as per spec).

See if you can make your MIDI device send a different type of message.

Hi @falkTX

The Boss Gt-10 sends “Program Changes” and “Control Changes” but I think I can´t send MIDI Values or at least the values that are available at the GT-10 settings are not resulting in any changes.

Witch kind of midi message should be sent so the MOD understand it as a on/off toggle switch and not a momentary switch?

a control change must send a value. The problem is that (most likely) when you press the button it sends CC (control change) with a value 127 and as soon as you release it it sends CC value 0 again. You want it to toggle so that it doesn’t send the 0 until you press the button again. If your device can’t be configured to do that then perhaps a midifilter could be written to do this, but I’m not sure if we can do midi parameter control like this through a filter.

I was talking about the value of the MIDI Control change.
Those message contain:

  1. channel
  2. controller number
  3. value

Every single “control change” message contains that data.
If the value received is < 64, it counts as off.

Your MIDI device is the one doing the momentary switch mode.
Do you have some settings or control panel for it?

I´m not well versed on MIDI but what I have is this:

Transmit channel = 1
CC # = 80
Value = ?

What i think is happening is what @ssj71 said.

I read owner´s manual of the GT-10 and could not find a way to configure it.
The settings have an option to select between 'toggle" and “momentary” but it makes no difference when trying to control the MOD. I have tried all possible combinations in the settings menu of the GT-10.

an update…

I´ve changed the transmit channel to #16 created 02 banks with pedalboards and tried to switch pedalboards or banks with no success but suddenly the "midi learn’ on/off started to occasionally work as toggle switch.

To made sure i changed the midi cable but got the same behavior.

I´m starting to think of a bug.

The MOD will replace the GT-10 in my setup so I will not pursue a solution on this matter any more but I´ll need some kind of foot control specially for a live setup,

MIDI is the first option that comes to my mind but I´m interested to know more about the “Control Chain” (ethernet) port of the MOD.


Regarding the value used as a threshold between on/off (64), is there a way to change it to another value (in my case: 1)?

I have an Akai LPD8, that I am using to control the knobs and switches in the pedalboards. For the knobs, it works as expected, but for the switches, as the LPD8 pads (configured in toggle mode) are somewhat sensitive to velocity, I have to press quite hard on the pads to turn on the toggles (which is problematic given my setup).

As switchoff is always 0, is there a way to make any value other than 0 turn on the switches? Maybe as a configurable item or something ? (As I am waiting for my Mod Dwarf, I am currently training with a Raspberry Pi+Modep, so this may have been implemented in the Mod firmware, in which case, this is no longer an issue).

Also, I expect that MIDI control of the knobs/switches comes before the MIDI data is reachable by the MIDI plugins on the pedalboard, right ? If not, how could we connect the MIDI side of the pedalboard so I could insert a MIDI CC Shape plugin to change all values by +63?

Thanks in advance