MIDI connection issues


I’m trying to use a Roland FC-300 foot controller with the MOD Duo.

When connecting it directly via MIDI, it seems some foot pedal MIDI controller events are lost. E.g. if I move a pedal up and down quickly, the knob I assigned the pedal to will just jump to a few values, and be stuck at e.g. 20% or 80% without fully reaching 0% and 100%. I have to move the pedal very slowly in order to reach the full range.

If I connect the same device via a USB MIDI adapter, it works smoothly. No events seem to be lost.

Is there anything I need to do to reconfigure the MIDI connection, to prevent this issue?


Following up on this – I’ve now played several concerts and rehearsals with USB MIDI, with no issues. Seems using plain MIDI is just not possible for now with that device.


I too am having issues with an old ADA midi pedal (0-10/±). It is not learning.