Midi control of external devices with the Dwarf when changing snapshots

Hi, to plan the setup of my board when the first Dwarf betas are shipped I have a question regarding midi and snapshots (if anyone can answer that already, since I don’t know if that’s a feature that won’t come until the Dwarf.).
I want to do the following: Every song of mine gets a pedalboard. For each song part that has a sound on my other multi FX (Boss GT1000core) I want to create a snapshot. Then when switching the snapshots the Dwarf should set the corresponding sound via midi program change on the Boss.
I had asked the question I think at the start of the Kickstarterkampage at Kickstarter with the hint that this should be possible with the plug-in “the infamous mindi”. Now I have the following questions.

  • Has anyone worked with the plug-in before?
  • If so, how does it work?
  • Is what I described above so feasible?

Depending on the answer, I would have to see if I have to put my old, self-built solution back into my board or maybe rely on an external controller like the Pirate Midi Bridge 6 currently running on Kickstarter, which I was told should be able to do this.

Should be possible yes.
I can give a few notes of “warning”: pedalboard snapshots are for all plugin values, not a specific one, so it is best to finish the whole pedalboard first, and as a final step setup the snapshots that will only change a single parameter of the mindi plugin.
There is no reordering of pedalboard snapshots yet, we plan this for v1.11. You can already delete and create new entries as a workaround

Sounds great. And would definitely be easier than with my home-built midi controller. There I have to change the order in the Arduino development environment in the source code, because I never managed in time to implement it more conveniently :-).