MIDI controlled Step Sequencer


I am in need of a sequencer that would be triggered by a MIDI note “On” and keep running the sequence until note “Off”. A note “On” message would always reset the sequencer to step 1.

Also, the sequenced notes would be transposed according to the triggering note.

I am currently using an app called " Arpeggist" in my iPad to do this but having a plugin in the Mod Duo would illiminate the need for the iPad.

X42 Plugins are almost there but do not take a MIDI note as an input to trigger the sequence.


There is at least one sequencer in the duo that has an assignable start/stop
I just loaded a pedalboard that used it


Can you give me the name of that sequencer or the name of the pedalboard?

I’d also like to know this - but in my case on the Dwarf. I’ve been trying all sorts of things, but in my case I am using a sequencer to create a basic drum machine. I can use the midi panic button to sort of reset it, but its not instant. Also as I wanted to use a tap tempo I had to sync it with device, which means that panic doesn’t work anyway. So I’d like to know how others have done this. Basically I want to sort of run a macro where if I turn off the sequencer it will reset to zero position, and then will start again when i trigger it. So that i can start and stop drum loops in time with other things I’m playing.

Also, as an aside, can SooperLooper sync with the device tempo as well? It’s near impossible for me to sync a sequenced drum loop and a live played loop currently - they start and finish at minutely different times.

Also, can you sync two loopers. I want to be able to create a loop of a midibass line and a loop of guitar. As mentioned above, you would need to sync, or the minute differences become large over time.

Noone of the current loopers available (even in beta) has sync capabilities.
Looperlative release is getting closer. That will most likely solve a lot of these needs.

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Isn’t Alo working good for you?

@Ant - I’ve used CV to sync the playback and record loops on two loopers. Then I have a switch ahead of them to select which has a signal routed. That works well for me, so basically when you create your loop, you’re creating one the same length on both loopers at once. And when you record, one is overdubbing actual audio, and one is “overdubbing” no signal, so is unaffected. It works well, but I just can’t time-sync it with the sequencer!


I’ll try that out (it sounds exactly what I have in mind) .


Like this OSC 4 way looper - Shaggy - MOD Devices

You don’t need to share it with the TouchOSC controls!

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@shaggydog Looks good! That’s basically a bigger version of what I’ve got going on, but I’ve not delved into TouchOSC? Does it work natively with the Dwarf? Or does it rely on an external trigger of some kind? Apologies for my ignorance! I’m a little familiar with OSC as a protocol, so I’m presuming it uses this in some way. But I have always used an external device to send/receive OSC commands

TouchOSC also works as a midi control setup, so I have basically set up buttons and knobs to control this (and other) pedalboards - see this topic Pedalboards and TouchOSC

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Hey Guys,

I am also looking to figure out how I can create a “triggered” step sequencer. What I would like to do is set up a sequence of MIDI notes, and be able to trigger the sequence when I step on a footswitch (MIDI or otherwise). I have figured out how to make all the control signals I need off of basically any switch, but I cannot figure out how to trigger the sequencer to start at the beginning and play exactly when I want it to. If I sync it to the host transport, it will start at some random spot. Ideally, what I’d like to do is have a bunch of BPM-sync’d MIDI sequencers that I can “fire” on demand from a bunch of footpedals. Basically like triggering samples, but instead I wan to play MIDI sequences on demand.

Has anyone figured this out?


Creating as in developing the code, right?
If that is the case, control ports do not suffice here, you will need atom ports to receive accurate transport information.

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Thanks for the reply, @falkTX . Actually, I was wondering if this was possible using the plugins we have to create this in a pedalboard. I could consider programming my own plugin, but at the moment I am just trying to craft a pedalboard with this functionality.

fair enough, so I will let others comment on this.
the current MIDI step sequencer syncs in time with the host correctly in phase (based on bar/beat/ticks)

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(This request has been made a number of times by us modular synth-minded folks :wink: