Midi data from usb stick


I have just meet this MOD DUO today, very interested!

The question is thinking in this propose in live context

pré program midi data to control the unit, and also pass throu midi out to play hardware synths. a similar feature like cynematic LP16 …

Im very courious too, of what kind of hardware upgrades can be done.to the unit.

Thank you

Hi @Filipe

You might need to develop a bit more your scenario so that we get it but, in a nutshell, yes. You can do what you are proposing.

We offer full MIDI support to control plugins and the device via MIDI (and also our own ControlChain protocol).


Thanks for the real time replay :slight_smile
Sorry, im afraid my English can be not enough to express myself!! .lets try…

In cubase i write some midi tracks to play hardware synts, and same tracks with midi commands to control hardware midi effects in real time. Export the midi files to a usb stick and MOD DUO read the files. In a live situation i concentrate only in playing, and everyting else is automated. so no need to bring computer to the stage.


Ok. Now I’ve got it.

No. Playing your stored MIDI tracks in a USB stick is not feasible now. You can have your computer sending/receiving these MIDI streams to the Duo.

We have internal MIDI sequencers that could do part of the work, but more on a loop sequence case and not a proper MIDI track.

When we have a proper file handling feature this will be possible, but that is not the case at the moment. It will come though :wink:


Thank you very much, so it stay as a suggestion :slight_smile: . thought other then this device “cynemat lp 16” i dont find nothing in the market, in hardware form, that can read midi files, i found it very usefull

Ill keep an eye in it

best regards