Midi foot switch help please

Hi, I apologize if this is too obvious, but I’ve not been able to find anything in any of the manuals or forum posts. I have a Duo and a Tech 21 Midi Moose. I’d like to be able to turn pedals on and off within a pedalboard using the Midi Moose. I see where I can assign a parameter to a switch, however it doesn’t say “midi learn” like it does in the documentation, it only says “midi”. When I click “midi”, then actuate a switch on the Tech 21, then “save”, nothing happens. I don’t know much about midi, but it seems like the controller needs to be on the same channel as the Duo. However, I have no idea what channel the Duo is on or how to change it. Would appreciate any guidance. Thanks!

For MIDI assignments, you Save the assignment first, and then the Duo will wait for the next incoming message and use that for the assignment. You should receive a confirmation message indicating the parameter and message value assigned after you trigger your desired actuator.


Thanks. Ok, this is good. Now I know I should see a confirmation, and I’m not seeing that. Do I need to sync channels between the foot controller and the Duo? Is there another reason - assuming this controller is not broken - that the Duo would not see a midi message?

I’m not familiar with the product but I glanced at the manual, which is … not very detailed. One guess is that the device is sending out PC (program change) messages, but the Duo is expecting a CC (control change) type message. In a section that is hard for me to decipher, it looks like you can override the switch defaults and set them to CC values.

If possible, connecting to a computer and running a MIDI monitor program will help you understand what messages and values are being sent.

There’s a possibility you can use your device as intended via the MIDI Snapshot navigation feature without having to reprogram any of the switches. This assumes entirely that the Moose sends out messages like PC 1, PC 2, etc, with the value corresponding to the switch number activated. In the Duo settings under Sync & MIDI (IIRC) you would set the Snapshot nav channel to be on Channel 1 (Moose manual specifies Channel 1). Then in your pedalboard when you make changes to a effect / plugin, save a snapshot. Once set up, you can change between snapshots with the Moose switches.


Thank you very much for this detailed response. I think you’re right. My midi controller doesn’t seem to be able to send cc messages. I didn’t even know there were two kinds of midi messages before reading your last post! Thanks again! I’m learning.