MIDI Note On

Is there a plugin which generates a user-specified note on message? I would like to send a note to a generator with a foot switch.

Perhaps this one works for you: https://pedalboards.moddevices.com/plugins/aHR0cDovL2dhcmV1cy5vcmcvb3NzL2x2Mi9taWRpZmlsdGVyI21hcGNj ?

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infamous mindi can send a note on everytime you cycle the bypass button. You configure it to a single message per instance and it will send whenever a setting is changed (including loading a preset).

Its currently in the “unstable” section of the store though.

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Thank you! That plugin appears to remap MIDI controller data.

I’ve got infamous mindi hooked up to the JX10, but I’m not having much luck with getting the note on to function. Is there a way to share pedalboards which contain unstable plugins? That would make it easier to get help in debugging a pedalboard.

sharing pedalboards with unstable plugins is not possible unfortunately

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my first guess would be the channel doesn’t match up with what JX10 is looking for, but there may be something else. I’ll try to play with it and see if I can do mindi->JX10 notes. I’m fairly certain I tested a similar setup though.

Today mindi will trigger the JX10 once, and not again. It seemed to freeze up the editor as well. Refreshing the browser returned screen control, but toggling either mindi or the JX10 had no audible result. Here are my mindi settings. My guess is that MIDI channel 0 is omni.

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There is no such thing as generating an omni midi message, only a midi reciever can act in omni mode by accepting any message with any channel. Midi messages have 4 bits for the channel and there has to be some number there (0-15 but often vendors label it as 1-16). It gets confusing, I know :confused:

Those settings look fine. It should send the note on every time you cycle the bypass button.

I finally spent a late night and made some changes to mindi last night including adding an auto-note-off option that will send a corresponding note-off when the plugin is bypassed, which I think will help. I also added a modgui. It will take a little while for this to get merged in I think.

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Is it possible to obtain the updated version other than waiting for it to be in the repository?

you can build it yourself and install it manually. Are you up for that?

get the code at: https://github.com/ssj71/infamousPlugins/tree/devel

and build/install instructions at: https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/How_To_Build_and_Deploy_LV2_Plugin_to_MOD_Duo

Its not for the faint of heart, but if you’re all setup for it, its no big deal.

Thanks! I’m familiar with what appears to be a standard process.

I’ve tried to assign a bass drum to the footswitch, setting up a Step Sequencer, checking the note I want to play in the first column.
If you assign the footswitch to the button panic, it plays the first note every time you press it. The counterpart is that it plays alone when the pattern starts over, it takes some time if you use the longest figure.

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How do you turn off omni mode on the dwarf? I have it sequenced from a circuit tracks, but it’s receiving notes from all the channels, should just be 3 & 4.

Maybe use one of the midi Channel filters, in the midi tools section?

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