MIDI over Bluetooth?

I am using a Logilink BT-dongle to edit my Dwarf with an iPad and it works great. Unfortunately MIDI over BT does not seem to work. At least MIDI-Designer 2, can´t find it.

Any clues?

Is not implementet jet. But if you use a cme widi-jack with your dwarf it is no problem. Be aware that if you only using the midi-in-port you have to power the widi jack via usb. I’m using a usb-hub to use the bluetooth dongle, have a usb-stick for backups and powering the widi jack at the same time. Works fine :-).


Thanks for the hint. I have a Quiccosound m.1 which is basically the same thing in a smaler from factor. I use one at my Kemper Stage, the other one will go to the Dwarf now.

Not the nicest solution, with the m.1 hanging on those MIDI adapters.
Lets hope for MIDI over BT soon!

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