MIDI parameter addressing from pedalboard MIDI? (for loop sync)

wondering if there’s any way to route MIDI from within a pedalboard to MIDI parameter addressing in a plugin (either on Duo or DuoX), without doing a hard cable loopback outside the unit?

i’m chewing on possibilities for BPM-synced triggering of loops, and wondered about somehow using the MIDI Quantization plugin to time-align incoming loop triggers.

…or, of course, i welcome any other ideas!! :smiley:

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there is a way over ssh (there is always a way over ssh :wink:)
in > 1.7, there is a single port where all midi devices connect to (midi-aggregator), connecting stuff there will send stuff to the MIDI in port you see in the web interface.
so some jack_lsp -c and jack_connect combination should do it.

There is no other “more official” way to do this right now.

Obviously, the plugin needs to output a MIDI CC in order for this to work


nice… thanks for the clear explanation!