Midi program change slow

Hi I am driving the dwarf from a different pedal (line 6 helix). The program change works but dwarf is so slow to change that it is not useable live. I cant use snap shots (on dwarf) as the other pedal is set up for each song to be gigged, and thus i need to dwarf to change with the master pedal. Load up on the master pedal is instant. Dwarf is not - any ideas?

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Pedalboards changes will always take more time than snapshots because it’s required to load all the plugins that are in the pedalboard.
How long it takes depends directly on how heavy the plugins are.
My suggestion is to try to find some sort of compromise between the need to load pedalboards and snapshots for what needs to be immediate. Snapshots change immediately regardless of the number or “heaviness” of the plugins loaded in the pedalboard.