Midi programable scales?

I use a Nord Drum 3P, which doesn’t allow you to set the midi output notes on a per kit basis, it is global. So I tried out the Midi Enforce Scale plug-in, which is very cool, but I have to figure out which Major scales match my minor scales - if that even works? I wish it duplicated scales with Minor naming.

Is there any plug-in (or work around) that allows custom scales? This would be very helpful if a single knob could select a new scale for each song like the Midi Enforce Scales does.


Not entirely sure of your use case so this might completely have missed what you are asking for…

But here is a list of all of the relative major and minor keys which might help you :slight_smile:

If you want to start at the minor and find the major just read the right column first!


Thank you, this is very helpful, as I’ve been working on this exact thing this afternoon. I’m a drummer, and don’t have scales memorized!


You get the relative minor by going down 3/2 steps (a minor third), or three piano keys counting both white and black

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Was it your issue anyhow related with what @danmh suggested? I’m also not sure if I totally got what you mean.
If it is, I’m personally not sure if a plugin just for this would be extremely necessary. Although I can understand your need :slight_smile:

At risk of confusing matters further (sorry).

If you know the notes of your midi instrument and the notes you want them to actually be, could you use something like MIDI Note Transpose?

It might require a bit of music theory knowledge to map it in a way that achieves what you are hoping for.

But if the rest of it works, I’m sure you’ll be able to find people willing and able to help here :slight_smile:

I’m still a bit confused. But with the MIDI Transpose you can indeed transpose the MIDI notes that you input on your MOD device.
So for example, you are sending a C1 from your MIDI controller into the MOD device and you want to “turn” this C1 into a G1, you can use the MIDI transpose 7 semitones up to achieve this.

Just to reply to all this. My Nord Drum doesn’t allow me to set midi notes on a per kit basis, so I need to switch scales in the Mod Duo.

I used the chart @danmh provided, to figure out what major scales my minor scale songs were in, and assigned that to a knob on the Duo, and voila! This entirely works. Also, my ND only has six pads, so I’m not even mapping all notes and certainly not using any blue ones. . :upside_down_face:

So I have what I need. But if I was using custom scales which were more complex, as I do in Logic, I would prefer a midi-translator of some kind. But at that point I would probably just use something other than the Nord Drum. Every other drum pad out there lets you save note assignments per kit.

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