Midi recorder + looper?

Is there a midi recorder and looper plugin available for the MOD devices? I’m looking to buy a MOD Duo X when they become available again, and for my live performances I want to be able to play midi notes on my keyboard, record and loop it, and then change the parameters on a synth (e.g. amsynth) as the notes keep repeating.

I’ve already seen sooperlooper and ALO but as far as I can tell these record and loop just the audio.


Welcome @hellocatfood

I’m just wrote a Midi recorder/looper, but it’s not a plugin. Wont be to hard to make it a plugin and make it available for the MOD. True, before a user file system isn’t implemented it wont make much sense.

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Great! Is your plugin available anywhere?

Is that the main thing holding it back from being an lv2 plugin?

Hey Antonio! Good to see you here. Once lockdown has eased you can come try mine, or we can meet up in Artefact for you to see it in action :slightly_smiling_face: