MIDI Thru setting

I’m using a Disaster Area SMARTClock to control the global tempo via MIDI. It would be nice if the global tempo, when set via an external MIDI clock, would have the option to pass through the clock information to another MIDI device after the MOD device via a setting in the global tempo settings. You can accomplish this by connecting the MIDI in directly to the MIDI out in the pedal board constructor, but I think the setting in the global tempo settings would be more elegant.

I suppose another place where the setting could exist is in the MIDI settings where a switch to toggle a thru mode would be acceptable as well. That would allow MIDI data to pass through to the MIDI output without having to use the pedal board constructor to connect the MIDI input to the MIDI output.

I hope this idea gets some consideration and is found useful. Thank you!


Technically speaking, I worry about added jitter from such pass-through.
Our MIDI DIN is handled with software, so there is 1 cycle of latency introduced in this case. Can be reduced if we write to the out port as soon as we receive relevant data perhaps. :thinking:

In any case surely possible to do. paging @jesse for an opinion on this.