MIDI without learn?

I searched the forum but I can’t find an answer to this.

I just received my duo x today (yay!).

As I’m going through the process of learning how to assign MIDI, it seems to me that learn is the only way to map MIDI? I find this to be problematic when I’m trying to map (for example) the single axis of a 3 dimensional controller, because the controller will send 3 messages with every gesture.

Being able to explicitly map MIDI events without having to create them would be swell.

Is there a way to do this?


I totally agree!
I’m also sending multiple messages at once from my MIDI controller. To set up the DUO, I temporarily assign the message I need to a spare button of the MIDI controller. This is a rather annoying workaround, especially if you have to repeat it many times to set up all your effects. And of course it only works as long as you’ve got a spare button.

A possibility to just select the MIDI settings in the editor would be really cool!


Yes this would be really useful for me too. With the current method it’s also not possible to set one midi message to control multiple parameters as far as I know. I’m guessing this was done specifically for things like 3D controllers, so that the learn button does not just learn the same axis every time.

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I’m sure I can rig something up… but this would be a sensible feature in the long run IMO.

that being said… I’m loving the duo x… I was able to get started making fun sounds almost immediately!


This is a good feature request.
We already have everything in place in the backend to support this, it is simply lacking the UI options to trigger the action.


Sounds great! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Yes yes yes!
I also need to be able to map a single MIDI event to multiple destinations, i.e. a Wah-Pedal/Delay Mix

Your input has been duly noted, the feature will be considered for a future firmware version. Perhaps we can do the implementation of that together with allowing to manually create the mapping. It surely won’t come before allowing the manual mapping, because of the reason that @Schwalb already guessed correctly.

Until we have this feature, there is a way to achieve it already: by using the “MOD Control to CV” plugin, and enabling it’s output as an adressing source. CV signals can be assigned to as many parameters as desired, simultaneously.

You can read more here: https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/CV_Tutorial#Setting_up_Macro-Controls_using_CV



Also would love this implemented.
I use the footswitch for list selections and the Softstep for toggles and expression controls.
The softstep does short & long presses, X & Y expression, and pressure (expression).
I can set each of these to send a different CC# but can only learn one on the Duo or Dwarf.
With full XY assignment I could turn most knobs in a typical pedalboard thus allowing some amazing compositions not possible in any other device on the market.