Mixer Plugin

No audio mixer plugin?
I can see lots of nearly plugins, switches, mix between a/b inputs but not a basic mixer to mix audio signals like Eurorack such as the Erica Synths Black Mixer.

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you’ll see a few if you enable beta plugins. :slight_smile:

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We are working on a few of them right now actually.
Coming soon. :sunglasses:


What do we have here …

Not in the store yet, but works great! there is also a mono version.
If you want to have more gain you have to add this before/after.

There is an “alternate” output so you have 2 busses essentially :slight_smile:


WHere how what!?!

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The plugin is on testing period but since we mostly do development in the open, anyone tech-savvy enough is able to grab mod-plugin-builder to get things early.


It would be nice if the alternate output was not a toggle/switch but an amount. Then you could really use it as a send-effect.

This would make it easier to reduce the amount of reverb/effect plugins one would need in a typical setup, thus greatly improving performance in a patch as well.


@dreamer, glad you like the plugin, and thanks for the suggestion. I can how a proper send-effect can be useful as well, so I will give it some thought.


Well we can also go all x42 and make a range of sizes/configurations for our purpose hehe :wink:
(like the sequencers and other utils)

16 channel mixer with pfl and pre/post sends anyone?

This please

As mentioned before I do like the idea of having a proper mix bus and I do like the idea of having it fully configurable even more. However, I personally don’t have time to do this right now, but this would be nice as a future update. For now I have pushed the mixers to store using the current configuration.


Hooody HOoooo