MOD CV Logic Operators port text color is wrong


The CV port label on the CV Logic plugin has white text, so you can’t see it.

Screenshot 2022-02-18 174812

How to reproduce

  1. Add the plugin and turn on CV port management
  2. Try to name the port
  3. See that the name does not show up

Expected/suggested solution

Text should be black.

Additional information

  • release: Mod Dwarf

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: Winows 10
  • Browser: Chrome 98.0.4758.82

Have you added any name on the port?
If not, I would say that is normal that it doesn’t consider it created.

That port in the screenshot was named, yes. Also, the default names also don’t show up.

And the problem wasn’t that it wasn’t showing as created — all the logic worked fine, it’s just a CSS problem.

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ah so you named it, but the name was not appearing. Is that correct?

Yes. The text is there, it’s just in white on a white background — you can see it if you select it.

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I’ve encountered the problem once or twice with all the CV labels, though I don’t remember if it was reloading the web page or reseting the Duo that fixed it.

In this case, it was just this single plugin — all the rest of them were fine, but every instance of this plugin had the problem.

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@Dymaxion I believe this may be related to some browser cache.
Are you able to try an incognito session or a different browser and confirm if the issue is still there?

Looks identical on Firefox current.

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You are right. I quickly tried the plugin and an incognito session and the same happened to me. I will report it.

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