MOD Devices on Unbreakable Power Supply (UPS) for mobile performance


as I bought a battery-powered speaker lately, I was wondering if e.g. a MOD Duo X can operate on the battery of an Unbreakable Power Supply for mobile performance.

The power supply consumes 12 Volts at 2 Ampere that comes to a total of 24 Watts (P=V*I). So it could run for 50 Minutes on an UPS like FPS Nano 600, which has a Backup Time of 10 Minutes for a 120 Watts device, right?

Does somebody know other UPSes available in Europe with a small form factor but more Backup Time?

24 W would be the rated power consumption, the actual avg consumption should be much lower. Maybe look for a “laptop power bank” with a suitable connector, these are often 12 V and use lighter (and cheaper) lithium batteries than the typical lead bat’s found in UPS.

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I’ve used one of these external battery packs to power my Duo. Something similar could work for you and should be able to power your device for an hour or few depending on use.

Thanks for your advice.

Amazon seems to be out of stock of this product and I’d rather like to support local supplier, so I’ve found the XTPower MP-10000 i.a. as B stock: for a reasonable price.

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