Mod Duo and midi


Any progress on this ?

My main problem here is that it’s unclear what pedalboard (within a bank) is linked to what ‘program number’
I want to load a specific pedalboard for each song (still using Forscore on my ipad) but i dont know how to configure the program nr for a pedalboard, or how to find out wthat the program number for a pedalboard is.

‘Navigating trough’ the pedalboards is not an option since this is a relative operation and i need to load a specific pedalboard, not ‘skip to the next one’

Thanks for any feedback !


This may help as a temporary solution for you:

I use an iPad with an Alesis IO Dock II that gives MIDI IN and MIDI Out to the iPad.

I then use a software called “Setlist Maker” on the iPad. This software displays the playlist and can send MIDI info to the DUO (and many other devices) when selecting a song. This selects the proper Pedalboard in my DUO for the selected song.

This setup has worked great for me for the last 6 months … Except the day when the iPad was directly in the sun while playing an outdoor concert and stopped working due to overheating … Lol !