MOD DUO as MIDI controller..?


Is it possible to use a combination of the MIDI plugins to control other units?

  • like this Eventide H9 controller:

or maybe there is some Linux software that could be used?

hopefully :slight_smile:


hey broupe :slight_smile:
I’m probably not the best resource for this, but this is what i know:
there’s an awesome plugin:

With it you can set a footswitch to send out any midi information you want Note/CC/etc.
Also you can modify the signal (multiple notes, etc.) with the other midi plugins you put behind it in the chain before going out of the mods midi out.

so… maybe… yes!!! :wink:


Exciting! I’ll check it out… thanks! :slight_smile:


I’ve used MINDI in the past to change the settings on my Whammy DT. I love it!