MOD Duo background noise level


Hi mendo,

We have provided a hardware fix for the users who have asked for the fix. New batches already have the fix.

So yes and yes :slight_smile:


Hi dwek

I would like very much if I could have that fix, thank you very much!

best regards


hi @dwek!

what’s happening with respect to addressing the remaining kernel-related buffering noise, which is still audible (although greatly reduced) after the hardware fix? does the upcoming increased CPU power (in the Duo X and in the proposed Duo upgrade) allow running a kernel which fixes this?



We still need to check some things, but it is very likely that the new CPU does not exhibit this problem in such a prominent way.

We will have news soon.


Hi @gianfranco,

I tried the hardware fix that @dwek commented, but the noise is still there (reduced, but still there), so I’m also really interested about what’s going on to fix the kernel buffering issue for the Mod Duo (not X) devices. So anything you can share about it would be really appreciated, thanks!