Mod Duo connects to wrong MIDI controller


I have an Arturia Keylab Essential 61 MIDI controller connected via USB to the Mod Duo. In the Duo’s MIDI Ports List, there are 2 ports with an identical name for the Arturia Keylab (see picture below).

Upon powering up the Duo, the wrong port is selected and I have to use a web interface to manually reconnect the MIDI ports to the proper Arturia port.


How to reproduce

  1. Create a pedal board with a MIDI pedal
  2. Connect the top most Arturia port to the MIDI pedal
  3. Save the pedal board
  4. Power cycle the Mod Duo

Expected/suggested solution

The Duo should be able to reconnect the proper port.

Additional information

  • release: v1.6.3
  • controller: a5fa955

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: Mac (Safari)
  • System version: Mac 10.11.6

I can see why this happens, the device provides 2 interfaces with exactly the same name. (in comparison, one of my MIDI keyboards provides 5 midi outputs, but each one has a different number at the end. The 12step does this too, but not the Arturia one)

What exactly happens in this case, does the unit connect to the first instance here?
Do you have any idea why 2 ports appear with the same name?
What I gather from the information you post is that only the 2nd Arturia MIDI port works, is that correct?

To be quite frank, I do not know which port of the Arturia is being used at startup since they have the same name, there is no way to know if the “MIDI Port List” of the Mod Duo displays them in the same order every time.

What I do know is that the on screen pedalboard shows MIDI connections to the virtual pedal but playing keys on the Arturia will not generate any notes until I manually reassign the virtual pedal to the other Arturia port.

I do not have knowledge in USB device detection but isn’t there a device port unique ID that could be used to identify ports from a controller aside from reading the name?


Also, I do not know why the Artura controller has two ports. But there is a configuration utility that allows to configure the controller (assign specific MIDI CCs to different buttons and faders etc …) Maybe there is a way to disable one of the 2 ports or change the name. I’ll check later tonight.

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You can also try the 1.7 release (manual update for now) which has aggregated midi ports by default.
It will auto-connect&enable all midi devices you connect to the unit, so you no longer have to manage and wonder which port is correct.

The issue is still valid, but solvable with the new mode.

In 1.8 we will bring back the old style of MIDI ports where you can select&enable specific midi ports. Though aggregated is going to be default mode from now on.

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I installed 1.7.3 last night and the aggregated MIDI ports does indeed solves my issue with the Arturia controller.

And, BTW, I find this new firmware much nicer :slight_smile:

Thanks !

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