Mod duo does not boot (freeze on logo / mod duo screen)


Thank you for reporting this 404-error. This link is now working again.

I understand a freezing Duo is a huge problem. Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this error when running version 1.6.1. Could you please provide more information? Which versions are listed under SETTINGS > Info > Versions in the Menu?


I’m running version 1.6.1 installed from the online tar.
Version: 1.6.1
restore: b221042
system: 1a51cf6
controller: a5fa955


This happened to me and I did have a computer around, but I didn’t know about the bootloader reinstall option at that time and decided to make a spontaneous alternative setup that did not use the Duo.

I really like the Duo, especially the concept and all the possibilities. I’ve used it in my recent gigs and will continue to. However, having that incident and seeing the other reports has changed my outlook on the Duo a bit. I was a little more optimistic before that the Duo could be the brains of my operation - bringing together looping, instrument / vocal effects, and MIDI exchange that I could manage in pedalboard and preset collections. With the risk of hardware instability, and numerous usability shortcomings around what I’m trying to accomplish, I’m more focused now on setting up single-instrument or single-purpose pedalboards, with simpler layouts. I recently bought a Boss RC-300 loop station and a Beatbuddy, so now I can let the Duo shine as a powerful tool for generating nice sonic textures that I can then loop / record from. I’ll have the peace of mind that I could probably swap out the Duo with someone’s MultiFX pedal last minute and make it work well enough.


I think these problems may have something to do with the way the Duo is turned off. Perhaps a “Power Off” function in the settings menu or the combination of two actuators (eg press and hold the two buttons) can minimize these problems.


Since both the hardware controller firmware and the linux operating system are stored read-only, there is no risk for the file system to get corrupted when cutting the power supply. So I think your idea will not lead to a solution, unfortunately.

I read through all the posts and noticed we are collecting multiple problems over multiple releases here. If you, gentle reader, are facing a problem with your updated Duo, please open a new topic on the forum.