Mod Duo X Button Issue


Buttons cannot act as a one-way toggle. If I try to program a button to ‘Undo’ in the Mod Looper, for example, the button triggers it twice - once on the way down and again on the way up. So I always trigger Undo twice with one press of a button.

This is not a new issue to the MDX, as the same thing happens with a MIDI controller button.

What is needed is a way to set up buttons (via MIDI controller or Mod Duo X) so that they only trigger on the way down.

The issue with button is familiar to me, either already fixed or a fix coming in the next update.

For MIDI, it is a tricky situation.
Some controllers send a unique value for their buttons (for example, always 127), other send an “off” and then “on”
What MIDI controller are you using?