MOD Duo X - Last mile countdown

Hello fellow members of the MOD community

Since many are very apprehensive with the Duo X final steps, here’s a quick and dirty “live update” for your delight :wink:

I’d like to take the opportunity to inform that our dearest Filipe Coelho, aka @falkTX, is back to our team and is playing a vital role in this last mile prior to release.

Here’s the current status list and we’ll update as we move on. We encourage you to post question and comments.

  1. Duo X OS image is 95% done and practically good to go. Tiny bugs in the software to fix due to the Duo X being quite different compared to the Duo (sometimes because it boots too fast :wink:). so there are a few things (timing related) that we did not anticipate, now discovered after some deep testing
  2. Cloud infrastructure is fully done. We have our plugin store ready for the Duo X, and our automated builds for auto-updates good to go. We only need to “flip a switch” to deploy our changes to production
  3. mod-plugin-builder is ready for the Duo X too. So you (users and developers) can already start building plugins for the Duo X too.

Now things that are not done yet:

  1. Getting all commercial plugins built for Duo X. Currently in negotiation, the plugin authors have to rebuild their plugins. (it is a different architecture)

  2. Documentation and related material that is specific to the Duo, now has to be adjusted to take the dDuo X into account

That’s it guys :wink:

Let’s all rejoice the birth of a new device!!!


thanks for all the news, @gianfranco… no apprehension here! :slight_smile:

welcome back, @falkTX!

looking forward… cheers!

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Great to hear! Thanks for the insight!

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thanks for the update!

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Max’s locks in an interesting background.


Better you fix those intermittent timing issues - believe me, I’ve been there :slight_smile:
Do you have an ETA for 1st shipping? I realise the class of bugs are the hardest to predict.

Welcome back @falkTX - it must be a bit wierd returning

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that’s really interesting about the different plugin architecture for the X - will the new OS for the Duo bring them in line with one another, so the whole platform moves up a step, or will there be a requirement for two versions of each plugin going forward? Does this have implications for migrating from Duo to X with pedal boards and settings? Little things like what the footswitch assignments in pedalboards on the Duo will be bound to on the X will be really interesting…


The plugins are supposed to work, behave and sound exactly the same. If not, it is a bug.
The biggest (technical) change from the Duo to Duo X plugins is literally the architecture - Duo uses 32bit (arm), while Duo X uses 64bit (aarch64).
This means 2 different builds per each plugin. But this is something we already knew about and were expecting.

A pedalboard that works on the Duo is supposed to just load on the X without any problems (the other way around is not always true, as one unit is obviously more powerful than the other).
Hardware addressings will not not match 100%, since the X has a lot more controls in comparison.

Oh and regarding the internals, we have made the system to be as close to the Duo as possible. For now we have both “platforms” in sync.
There are some obvious changes (like a different kernel) and software additions to our stack.
Having the Duo and Duo X in sync means the Duo will see most (if not all) of the changes and improvements made to our software for the Duo X launch.
All focus is on the Duo X right now, but once things calm down a bit you’ll begin to see regular software releases again :slight_smile:


Very exciting to be able to follow the last part of development. Also great to see falkTX is back to help. Big fan of his work! I was not aware that modx moved to aarch64, but that explains a lot on why the development took longer than expected.


thanks for all this, Falk!

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welcome back @falkTX !!!
That’s awesome news even for someone who hasn’t ordered a MOD X :slight_smile:


Good to see you back @falkTX !!!

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FWIW, I preordered the MOD X and am happy to wait for the best possible product even if delivery is extended by weeks or months. Good luck to the MOD team!


Did I get it correctly? All existing plugins (running on the Mod Duo) will work on the Mod Duo X as well once the unit is shipped. Maybe some 3rd party plugins have to be rebuild for 64bit. Is that correct or is there a chance that some existing plugins will not work properly on the Mod Duo X?

That is our target, yes.
As I said, if that is not the case for a specific plugin, that would be considered a bug that needs to be fixed.

Most plugins we have in the store right now are opensource, so it is just a matter of recompiling them.
We had to tweak things a bit for a few plugins to get them to build and work correctly, but most of them can run unchanged.

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I second that. I spent the last few days recompiling every one of our hundreds of plugins and less than 1% had issues.


Current status in the MOD office: (as of last Thursday)

We started 2 weeks ago a “big” push/sprint trying to get all remaining things fixed and working asap.
It is indeed the final phase now… we’re very close, but we also do not want to ship with something that has broken features.
There is always the possibility of fixing things later, but first impressions are very important too.
We’re doing our best here to make sure the product delivered is as best as it can be. :metal:

PS: please don’t try to guess the written stuff. it is blurry on purpose :blush:


I’m trying to guess the blurry writing because you told us not to:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
New here… saw the modx and it looked very interesting.
So ordered one… it was the pre-order case that did it fir me!
Looking forward to using it as it’s going to replace a few studio effects but always take your time to deliver a great product.

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Hungry for updates :slight_smile:

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Mod Duo X… shipping late July 2025.