MOD Duo X mk2 and current owners of MOD Duo X mk1

I’m not sure if they have it in stock. If they do, ask them if it has the power switch as @rptl suggested. If they don’t have it in stock you will get the mk2.


I bought my MOD DUO X from Bax and can confirm that it has a power switch on the back. Really enjoying it so far!


They sell the “mk2”. We have never shipped Limited Edition units to distributors.

The pictures are outdated and we’ll ask them to update.

The denomination “mk1” and “mk2” are not oficial and was created by our forum members. There is a Limited Edition that we built in 2019 as a test and that users refer to as “mk1”. There is a big “LIMITED EDITION” written on the bottom cover.

Then the “mk2” the actual retail unit which we are selling right now and we refer to it simply as “Duo X”

There is an internal discussion towards creating an upgrade offer for purchasers of the Limited Edition but, due to COVID and the impacts it is bringing to our supply chain, we have not yet managed to finalize it.

I hope I managed to clarify a bit :wink:


Thanks for Getting back to us MK1’ers


Thanks. I ordered one, and now have to wait five weeks :smile:

It’s such a good price as well.

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Hi @Gordon_Strange

I think that this price is related to Brexit. `From January 1st, 2021, items coming from the EU are overseas imports and you’ll have to pay VAT once it arrives.

There is another topic on the forum related to the same Brexit issue.

We’ll check this with our accountant immediately and give you a feedback.

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Thanks @gianfranco I appreciate this.

I have contacted Bax as well, as the invoice states vat has been paid and it’s been ordered from the UK store, as well as nothing being on the invoice regarding it being an import, so I will also update here when I get a response.



Further to the above, I received this email from Bax a few moments ago :

It is indeed indicated that your order comes from the United Kingdom, but will be shipped from the Netherlands, where our warehouse is located. But you don’t have to worry, because you don’t have to pay any extra costs.

Which is blooming excellent news and service!


@gianfranco hey I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything for mk1 owners on the upgrade. Is that something still in the works? Thanks for your time!