Hello! I’m new to MOD.

I’d like to join in on the platform, but MOD Duo’s latency is just too high for my use.
Is there word that latency will be reduced in MOD Duo X? Any numbers (ms) available?


It would really depend on how complex your pedalboard is.

Could you tell us more about your application ?


Really looking just for a hard minimum latency number on the Duo X. Is this available anywhere? Tried searching, but couldn’t find anything. But the OP states “reduced latency” as a benefit of the Duo X.

I know for the Duo, it’s 8 ms and FFT based effects add additional latency. From my reading of forum posts, seems 3 ms for converters and 5 ms for OS audio server and processing buffer time? ADC/DAC latency of most quality digital products is ~1 ms, and processing could be lowered from dev & higher processing power… or so I’m hoping.

8 ms base latency does not work for my use. It’d work if it was the only source of latency, but I’d want to use it with one or two other digital effect units. And the playback systems I’m using are digital as well, with studio monitors having DSP compensation, or the live mixer being digital. Puts the total combined latency well into the realm of perception.