The horses have ran from the corral after all this time. I’ll see if they are in the local forest.


looks like its coming this week at superbooth:

finally! really looking forward.


What about the expedition ?


“This month” according to Instagram today. But I must say I think it’s pretty unprofessional of them not to follow up on their post from last month where they asked for 30 more days to ship. Again another self imposed deadline came and went without acknowledgment. It’s less the delay and more the poor communication that concerns me and makes me reconsider my pre-order.


In the newsletter they wrote, that shipment starts right after the Superbooth. I expect them to ship next week.

Moreover they announced a full demoing of the Mod Duo X during Superbooth.


When did they send that newsletter? Last one I received was on April 8th.


Ist is in the headline of the latest Blog entry as well.

I can not post the link here. Go to their website and click in the right corner on BLOG. You will see it directly in one of the latest headlines.


Having waited for the Mod Duo (and still waiting on the associated expression pedal), and based on the incredible result they have delivered: I’m really ok with them taking more time and not meeting deadlines. I’m sure they have good reasons, that they will share them at one point, I know they are making the right choices, they have fully gained my trust.


Impatient me ???!!! Nooooo !


nice one, @FanchLoric! :smiley:


Did anybody find a snippet, report, video, etc. from Superbooth mentioning the Mod Duo X? I wonder why Mod Devices got no attention at all.


I have seen and touched it yesrerday. Sorry, forgot to make a photo.


Will this unit be able to act like an Ipad interface? Midi and audio through USB to Lightning, while charging the Ipad? I preordered a couple months back.



no it wont act as a standard-class-compliant audio/midi interface.


@MOD_Ronny : We waited 37 days, the expeditions have begun ?


Hello, MOD community and Duo X enthusiasts,

It was great to see several of you at Superbooth and receive such overwhelmingly positive feedback on the Duo X there. Now we’re back with news on your pre-orders.

We know we are 7 days behind our announced delivery date and we would like to give you an update on the shipment process. We just finished a meeting with our manufacturer a few minutes ago and can now tell you exactly what´s going on.

First and foremost, we would like you to know if you’re no longer willing to wait for your Duo X, we are ready to reimburse you anytime. We have done that swiftly for anybody who has asked so far.

I can imagine that - in particular after the recent announcement of the insolvency of crowdfunding platform Pledge Music - some of you might be concerned about your money for the pre-orders. We have not made this public yet, but we have recently been able to successfully close a second funding round and are financially stable, so that nobody has to worry about your hard earned cash.

Many of you know, that our products are Made in Germany, by a company named Schleicher, based in Berlin.

Instead of receiving a first full production batch of Duo X´s the week before Superbooth, as they had promised, we only received 5 units, due to some staff shortage on their side. It allowed us to showcase the product at Superbooth, but not to start shipping as planned and promised.

Immediately after Superbooth we kept pressing to receive the remaining units, but have learned today, that they will only be delivered next week. Schleicher understands how urgent this product is for us and handle the matter with uttermost care.

We can only apologize for this short delay once more, but unfortunately, this is beyond our control.

Considering the promised delivery date to us next week, we are herewith announcing that we are now planning to ship from May 27. We are on standby to ship as soon as we will receive the first couple of units. We will receive daily batches from Schleicher and test, pack and ship them on a daily basis until all pre-orders are fulfilled.

It pains us to once again have to inform you of a delay of a few more days, but we can only apologize on behalf of our manufacturer.

Best regards,
Ronny Krieger (CEO MOD Devices)


hey @MOD_Ronny, thanks a lot for your transparency!

i know it’s a frustrating situation for some customers. for my part, i’m just delighted to be involved with a company like yours which is developing ground-breaking equipment within a unique context of contact between developers and users.

i’ve come to know and believe your hearts are in the right place, and am content to understand all of this as a consequence of the sheer difficulty of new hardware/software development.

thanks for all your work!


@MOD_Ronny Can you make a video demoing the X for those of us who weren’t at Superbooth?


yes please!


Yes, you mentioned many new features. Time to show it to us. :wink:

I am highly interested in the CV synth modules.

Moreover I wonder, if an amp can be switched via the CV output.