MOD Duos in the wild!


Sweet! Solid playing and even though it’s a phone clip it sounds very good. I hope you don’t mind if I take some inspiration from improving our own rehearsal space. Those rotan mats are a great and cheap idea.



Great to hear from you and thanks!


Long time no see, looks like 75% of the 2014 LAC carpool are here (where’s Nils!?), nice to hear from you too :grin:

Actually I had forgotten I linked this video here and in the meantime had replaced the original phone clip video on Vimeo with a multi-cam version done later… oops, Sound is actually multi-tracked live into Mixbus 32C on this one. Actually those mats are roller blinds to cover the windows and they also double to block sound from bouncing off the glass. Most of the acoustic treatment we did ourselves by making simple pine frames filling them with low density white styrofoam panels and covering them with this cool paisley upholstery fabric my wife picked up at the local fabric outlet. It looks nice, works well and cost a fraction of what commercial acoustic panels cost.

Sometime I’ll post a better (color) video of just the studio, I was planning to add a studio page to the bandshed website but haven’t got that far yet.

Hope all is well with you and your family :slight_smile:


Hi Glenn,

All is well here, also with the family. Thanks! Ah I thought so already, sounded too good for a phone clip, and I didn’t even realize there were different angles and I was already wondering what that AV Linux desktop was doing over there :wink:
Roller blinds, yeah, that’s it. They look like rotan mats, they’re probably made out of rotan right? :thinking: Rotan is not an English word, it’s rattan or cane. But that room looks great! We opted for rockwool covered by hardboard, works well too.


Wow, nice and spacious! I’m sure the rounded ceiling does a lot to both absorb and diffuse sound, good idea with diffusing the lights there too. Look forward to hearing some new music from you sometime. :wink:


We needed the diffusers because of that very ceiling. It’s all concrete, our rehearsal space is in an old bunker, and we had a nasty short-tailed reverb that almost sounded like a ping-pong delay without the diffusers. We’re going to change the lighting so we can switch off the fluorescent lighting.


I just released my first full public album using the MOD Duo (a few other things are up for my Bandcamp subscribers, but this is the first one to be made public) - recorded last October, it’s an entirely improvised-in-the-studio duo with an amazing saxophonist called Pete Fraser, and relies on quite a few MOD-specific patches. There are a few other pedals going on here too, but everything is running through the MOD at the end of the chain - the speaker/tube emulation is so utterly vital to everything I do now. Even when I’m not using conspicuous crazy processing from the MOD (which all the big pad sounds here are - just bass into MOD), I’m still using the amp/cab/pre simulation to make everything else sound lovely.

Anyway, here’s the album to listen/download -

There’s a much more recent one to compare it to out for my Bandcamp subscribers, but you’d have to subscribe to get it :slight_smile:

And this morning I just programmed an insane bass synth patch… That’ll appear somewhere soon (I’ve already uploaded it to the pedal boards thing here, and the lil demo shows about 30% of what it can do)

enjoy :slight_smile:


Here some links to my The Infinite Repeat performance at the Linux Audio Conference 2017. All songs were performed with a MOD Duo, an Arturia Beatstep Pro and an Akai MPK Mini. And some vocals and an acoustic guitar of course :wink:

The Infinite Repeat - Barvaux
The Infinite Repeat - This Little Machine
The Infinite Repeat - The Constant Effort
The Infinite Repeat - Unwilling

Sorry about the long pauses between the songs, haven’t perfected my work flow with the MOD Duo yet.


360 degree video. audio starts at 0:20… if you squint your eyes, you can see the mod UI on the laptop beside me…


Wow! Great song! Very appropriate to these times…

What was being processed with the Duo?


Just the guitar. Only thing used for it was the guitar -> mod -> Straight into the recording interface… Sadly the overall sound quality suffered a little bit due to me not being a video editing pro and one recoding step too many :wink:


Really, really nice! :clap::clap::clap:


That is very nice @fps

Well done!!

And thanks for sharing.


A local TV station did a short segment on a country band I play in and they got a great closeup of the Mod Duo on stage:

I’m running my Tele through it into a Fender Deluxe Reverb. With this band it’s mostly just Guitarix Rangemaster -> Tube Screamer -> Dub Delay (slap) -> CAPS Plate Reverb. The guitar’s not featured a whole lot in the video but you can hear it a bit around the 1:57 mark:



You and the MOD on TV!! Great group performance and great footage to have on your resume! Thanks for sharing!


Great stuff, and small world! Fellow Mod-using Pittsburgher here. I’ll have to come check out a show sometime.


Cool! Do you play out with the Mod Duo?


Sadly I haven’t played out in a couple of years, so the timing was off to be able to use the Duo in a live situation. But I love using it to practice, it does absolutely everything I could ever need. I definitely hope to use it live at some point.


No pictures yet, but I’ve performed with Duo at open mics last couple of weeks. Nothing exotic wired up, just using a couple basic clean / tremolo boards to produce a nice tone through the bar’s PA while I butcher cover songs :slight_smile:

This busy dad sure appreciates all the users who share pedalboards because many of them have been great starting points for me. In another life I would be totally into building and obsessing over pedalboards but time is precious and I already spend all my working hours at a computer. It’s so nice to start with something already created that sounds good and just get to the playing.



A little video tomfoolery presenting a proof-of-concept experiment as a Duo (with a Duo…).


Wow, what a tune!
And great video too :slight_smile: