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Is there a plugin that will accept external midi clock?

My whole setup is controlled by an external erm midiclock. I see a lot of the current plugins such as the sequencers have free running or sync to host. Running midi ERM clock into the X the X does not see it as a host.

Click on the bottom of the pedalboard constructor, where the BPM is, and then enable MIDI in order to make the unit receive tempo via MIDI

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Setting the Sync Mode to MIDI should work. I have a Selah Quartz V3 running the MIDI clock now and had a Disaster Area SMART Clock Gen3 running it before too. If you use the Bollie Delay and set the Tempo Mode to MOD/Host you should be able to control the tempo. You’ll hear it, but the plugin doesn’t update the Cur. Tempo unfortunately. I haven’t found too many plugins like delays that will let you use the MOD/Host tempo. That one however will.

I didn’t know the Shiro Modulay plugin could do this, but you can set it up to take the incoming MIDI clock tempo to after you get the DuoX setup to use the MIDI sync mode. Make sure you have the latest plugin version which is 2.0-11 for the Shiro Modulay. Their plugin has you tic a checkbox in the time parameter like so…

Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 9.10.14 PM

I can’t see any BPM button anywhere in the constructor, how can I find it ? I see MIDI Ports, Bypass1, Bypass2, etc. but no BPM. I use up-to-date firmware.

You click on the “button” to the left of the MIDI ports.

Clicking here brings the little popup with sync mode, beats per minute, beats per bar and transport play/pause

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thanks for your answer, but the problem is, the button you are talking about is not there …!?
I’m using OS 1.11, could that be a reason ?

You need to make your browser screen a little wider. Otherwise you don’t see all the buttons!

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ok !!! now I can do a bug report… I am using a not-so-new screen but still perfectly working and I think this is not a reason for a button to disappear…
thanks again.

It’s not exactly a bug, but I would agree that all buttons should be visible no matter the screen-size.
Maybe there should be a second layer of buttons if the screen is too narrow. Or a way to scroll left/right to access them.

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yeah sometimes the limit between bug and feature request is thin, I’d still consider it as unwanted behavior. I posted a topic in Bugs.

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Disable the developer options so that the buffer size switch goes away, then everything fits again.