Mod Dwarf contribution

So on mod site a new order for a dwarf will ship in 2-4 weeks….I contributed over a year ago on indiegogo and still no word on when I will get mine. Has anyone else got theirs yet?


We are currently shipping the beta units and soon will start shipping more devices.
What you see on the website and with the direct orders is a difficult decision that was required for the project.

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I finally checked in on 4/19, after receiving no updates or notices since contributing. I was told to expect my beta in about a week (from 4/19). No such luck.

Not really bothered though- I know things are tough with supply chain/shipping issues worldwide. Right now I’m sitting back and wagering on which will show up first, my Quad Cortex or Mod Dwarf.

If you pledged for a beta Dwarf you should receive it soon :slight_smile:

I finally got my shipping notice, to the UK, but I also got notice that there’s £50+ import due. Is that correct? I can’t find what was said previously… thanks

These duties might be Brexit related, I’m afraid.

I too was slapped VAT and duties on a recent purchase from the UK, which had not happened before. Not happy either… Like you, the order placed pre-Brexit, but got shipped in January and it was held in customs until I received a notice.

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Thank you. I know these are Brexit related. I thought there was something in place so that we didn’t have to pay/such a high amount. It also feels like this isn’t set on the price I paid as an early backer, but in what retail would be now.

I understand your being aware of it, what I was hinting at is that the seller (MOD) cannot put anything in place for that purpose, since duties are a debt form the citizen/resident to the state.

It might be the case that you can argue with HM customs that a purchase was made ahead of Brexit with the expectation of delivery within the transition period (if you can prove that) and ask for that amount to be waived. Please check this link:

EU member countries had something like that in place, but it expired in late march. The UK is trying to push that deadline further in other areas, so maybe you can use that gar in your favour.

If anything, you can ask MOD folks for a letter to that effect (pre-December purchase whose delivery was delayed due to unexpected factors) and file a refund claim.

Good luck.

The sales to UK users is now without VAT included, which is good. I thought I’d heard that import duty was 0% on devices such as this, only VAT and courier charge to pay. I’m waiting for the payment request for my Dwarf, and I’ll be “happy” with anything up to £100, I’ll be surprised if it’s more.

The taxes to out-of-EU orders/pledges are kind of out of our scope. Take a look at this explanation from @gianfranco here a while ago

EDIT: we are also planning a compensation for UK backers due to this


That sounds jolly decent considering - be interesting to see what that boils down to.

Either way its much appreciated.

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