MOD Footswitches are coming!

Yes, you read that right: it’s a pleasure to announce that on June 4th will happen the official launch of the MOD Footswitch, the Control Chain companion to the Duo that seamlessly adds two LCDs and four footswitches to your device.

This is a limited run so we’re reaching out to the community first to make sure you get a unit. I’ve sent an email to our user mailing list with an opt-in button but you can also reply to this thread or send me a PM to reserve a MOD Footswitch.

Prices will be US$179 (US and worldwide) and €159 (EU and UK).

More announcements coming soon so stay tuned.



Hey, I would like to get a footswitch - you don’t happen to have a Kickstarter Original Backer discount do you? That would be pretty sweet!!!

Hi @JEL,

Sorry, no discount this time around. But all users are getting a heads-up and can pre-order a unit because the batch is limited and it might run out quickly.


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Hello @dwek

I didn´t receive the email about the footswitch but I would like to be on the list for this first batch.
I´m in Brazil but depending on the date of availability I may choose to delivery to a friend in Germany that is coming to Brazil.
As you may know, here in Brazil we were having serious problems on international orders with the Brazilian post service (correios) and for this reason I´m a bit concern about delivering directly to my address in Brazil.


is the footswitch now different (hardware) to the kickstarter batch? If so, what are the improvements?
EDIT: not that i think it needs improvements, haven’t had any (hardware) issues so far!

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No hardware difference (just a little design change regarding the position of the product name) and no firmware difference from the update that was sent out a while back. So, if you have done an update of your device, it is sensibly the same as the one coming out now.

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I would like to reserve one. Was waiting for beta-testers to finish up!

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