MOD for bass guitar?


I’m bass player and I think MOD idea could be absolutely perfect solution for my needs. However, I have a question. Are there any tests for bass guitar? Till now I’m using analog pedals designed for bass (specialy for low frequencies). Can I found somewhere any videos, audio samples?

Are there some plugins designed specially for bass guitar?

And other question (maybe neewbe question) - how MOD work as a “standalone” tool . Standalone I mean without computer connected. On a stage it sometime hard to have computer… :wink:

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There are examples of sounds made with MOD in the ‘MOD Pedalboards’ section. (see the tabs near the top of the forum).
I’ll link directly to it for you:

MOD can work as standalone yes, and that’s entirely the point of it.
You setup the effects with the computer, save as many pedalboards as you need and later on stage you load those pedalboards.
You can address plugin parameters to the MOD hw knobs and footswitches (or even MIDI controls), which allows you to change relevant parameters without the PC.

Thank you very much falkFX!

Hi @MrH2O

Yes. The MOD Duo definitely can be used for a Bass.

The two main reasons for an analog pedal to be targeted tot he bass are:

1 - different electrical responses and behaviours
2 - different frequency range

We tackle item 1 by having an advanced analog adjustment in the inputs - based on 3 different selectable preamps plus a +12/-12 fine gain - that enables the musician to adjust the levels to virtually any instrument before going into the digital domain.

Item 2 is kind of indifferent from the MOD perspective. Most of the effects that suffer from this problem are due to the frequency range. In our platform the frequencies are normally the entire audible spectrum and, when assembling the pedalboard, you decide the range you want to use.

Thanks a lot!
One more question - are there any plugins which are designed specially for bass guitar? Most usefull effects for bass are: compressor, limiter, chorus, envelope filer, EQ and of course in mamy casese octaver.

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I would add distortion/fuzz and also whammy

@MrH2O I have (briefly) used the MOD’s second input with a bass signal from the a little thunder pickup and the effects sounded very tight and defined. Highly recommended!