MOD Gain Plugin possible bug

Hello Everyone…

With so many things going one with MOD Devices Insolvence I don’t know if this is best time to bring this up but at least other users can beware of what I found out.

Using my devices I notice an odd behavior on the gain plugin and I think it’s related to the saved snapshot settings.

  • Gain default setting showing 0.00 Db.
  • if I turn on the plugin, +6.00 Db is add to the signal.
    When I open the user settings I can see that I have a +6.00 Db preset selected but that it is not reflect on the user settings GUI.

I have two snapshots saved in this pedalboard and I suspect that the saved state it is not reflecting on the MOD GUI.
I’ll will try to replicate this but I suspect that is related to a bug that I already reported here.

Here a video to demonstrate the odd behaviour.

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Probably this is solved with last which is unfortunately not yet reachable.


Let’s wait then.