MOD Reboot: We made it!

That’s great news. Thanks for sharing it and for all your efforts to keep it going. I love my mod duo x, even though I’m sure I only use a fraction of it’s capabilities. I look forward to continuing learning.


Congrats on the reboot, and godspeed! At your earliest convenience, please let us know if you’re moving forward with the plan to ask for extra €150 that the remaining tier 2 & tier 3 backers can pay to get their units built and delivered, and in what timeframe.


Great, Great, Great, and nochmal Great!
Wish you all the Kraft you need!


Ah some well earned good news; good luck MOD Audio UG! !!!


This is great news, I guess. I’d like to understand how this affects a request for a device repair/exchange that I requested within the warranty period of the original purchase of the device. I mailed the first time on the 1st June and finally my request for the device to be picked up was accepted on the 18th July. I provided my address and then nothing happened.

I would still like for this unit to be repaired or replaced. It seems to be an issue of switching regulator noise and power supply filtering. The amount of noise that it produces, doing nothing, for me is not acceptable for live use and certainly not for recording purposes either.

I look forward to receiving a reply on this.

Kind regards,



Massive congrats guys - hang in there and get through this critical phase and then start building the new company…

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Well, to be honest I wasn’t enamoured of paying another £133 (€150), but I really want this pedal. I’ve already got rid of all my others ready for getting it. Having waited extra for the Founders Edition I really hated the thought of waiting even longer. So, I agreed to paying the extra to get it shipped within the next few months. It’s looking a real kickass pedal and will fit into my electronics music setup brilliantly.


I’m super happy that I’ll be able to keep downloading new effects and building new pedal boards. The Dwarf has been hands down the best investment I’ve ever made in my music career.

I’m going to keep stomping for this thing.



Other than @gianfranco saying that he expects cloud services to be restored by the first week of October, it is hard to put a date on deliveries at this point.

Realistically speaking, considering that there are chip acquisitions involved, I would think it very unlikely that new units would be rolled out before late November at the earliest. There is production, assembly, testing, shipping, and making sure all else is in place in between. MOD will also be operating with a leaner team.

Bear also in mind that not all units produced will be used to clear backers backlog, even with the extra payment – which is in fact a pre-acquisition of plugins, that will cost MOD money down the road. To have a significant revenue out of the current run, MOD needs to sell many units to retailers and generate revenue for the next 6 months. So paying the 150 extra doesn’t necessarily earn you a spot in the first row.

(Please notice: I am NOT affiliated with MOD past or present, and have no insider knowledge. This is my opinion and understanding of their current business plan – which, to be perfectly honest, has bits and pieces that, if I were a major investor, I would not agree with.)


Congratulations @gianfranco, supporters and to us all.
I love my Mod Duo X. Long life to MOD AUDIO UG


Thank you @QuestionMarc . That clarifies a lot. I am a patient person, so time isn’t an issue. It’s more that I don’t miss out on the possibility to get a unit in the future, because I missed a post on this forum that requires me to take some action.

Given the situation, I don’t mind getting no unit or, paying more to get a unit sometimes in the future, as long as I don’t have actively monitor all the conversations and threads.


hi @mno!

note this comment from @gianfranco in another thread:

…not sure where you sit on all the issues, but if you’re interested in helping the new company as much as possible (and are happy and able to do so!), it seems that paying the 150€ to get your Dwarf sooner is the best option! :wink:

cheers, and thanks for chiming in!


whens the cloud server gonna be back up?

It is the 1st post of this thread…


If my understanding is right @mno, all you have to do is fill out the survey and you won’t have to check the forum.

If you have not received it, please write MOD directly.


What a relief, a huge congratulations


To everybody asking for the cloud to be back up, we’re actively working on it. There are a few things that we need to get in order first, but I expect it to be back as soon as we’re clear on making payments to our cloud providers. Technically speaking it’s not difficult, just need to clear some bureaucracy first. You’ll be hearing more from @gianfranco or me soon.