MOD SwitchBox 2 - No Midi Learn for Switch...? Only assignable to knobs?

I noticed that the channel selection for the switchbox 2 is only assignable to knobs and foot switch… No Midi Learn.

I was hoping to assign it to my KM Softstep to bypass multiple effects in a chain.

I did find a workaround to using the switch.

I set the Switchbox 2 to the channel 2 as the default.

When this plugin is “off” it sends the signal to channel 1. When I turn it on it goes to channel 2.

It’s not the prettiest but it works for now. I hope we can get midi learn for channel selection. Then we can visually see where the signal is going.

Thanks for listening.

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Was just about to post about this! Definitely an issue for me too - thanks for the work-around. I’ll get that implemented ASAP :slight_smile:


The workaround does not work…

I was noticing something wasn’t right…
When the switchbox2 plugin is off it sends a signal to both outputs so it isn’t working as a workaround…
Sorry for the confusion.

I figured that one out too :wink:

So still looking forward to having MIDI learn added to the control options for the switch :slight_smile:

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I think that´s a completely necessary thing ! If the team could add a Midi Learn to Switch in the switchbox2 !!

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Good news, for 1.2 this will be possible!

If there’s a enumeration-type parameter with exactly 2 scalepoints, it will be possible to use it for MIDI CC.
The parameter will be handled as a toggle (ie >= 64 for 2nd value, < 64 for 1st value).


Any reason this can’t be extended to N points? I.e. for 5 points if (ctl< 25) val=0 else if(ctl<51) val=1 else… etc?
Makes sense to me and would be useful to allow a synth waveform selected by a midi controller.

On a similar note, it would be useful if a multi-level control could be assigned to a foot switch. Then we could have a switch pedal that cycled between n different outputs instead of just two.


I strongly agree with @daniel. However I think it’s better to track this under a separate topic on this forum. I’ve posted one now (auto-linked directly above).