Moddevices yocto layer?

Hi, I’ve managed to publish this

I know that Moddevices uses buildroot: honestly I’ve never used it in recent projects and I don’t have too much experience with it so I’ve ported it to yocto.

I use this layer in a yocto-based distro I use on a Mod-Duo “derivative” project based on a NanoPi NEO2 (Aida DSP OS) and I’m pretty happy with it.

Maintaining this layer is a huge task, expecially if you consider daily commits on mod-plugin-builder to be ported here and tested. Is starting to be a bit overkill for me, if you want to help/support the idea you’re welcome!

NOTE: Moddevices “historically” shared the portion of the build that cross-compile plugins, but from there some stuff is missing like init services to start jack, mod-host and mod-ui at least. For my derivative project I’ve sort of figured them out but I see now is under work so I may have a look at it and port relevant stuff in the yocto layer.


Seems Nice!!!


Just pushed a bunch of things:

  • dunfell branch with fixes like tornado 4.5.2 (meta-openembedded dunfell branch is 6.0.3)
  • reference image & sdk image
  • other stuff

NOTE: the yocto layer has an extra section for plugins that are not currently part of Mod * but would be nice they could like


Please note for MOD we are not going to use lenticular ports, instead (later on) I will port over individual Rack plugins directly as LV2, as part of Cardinal.

I already did some early tests with the Befaco string reverb here which were successful, but haven’t spent any more time on it recently. The idea is to pick a few modules and do that direct conversion, taking advantage of Cardinal custom build. Maybe something to recheck in the summer.


I will adjust the reference image to underline lenticular-lv2 and pitchtomidi are “outside” Moddevices builds. Yes I’ve seen all the amazing development on the Cardinal and a collaborator is going to provide me a recipe. @falkTX I was also thinking to sync the yocto layer with live-usb-image v0.0.8 since it’s more easier to track mod-ui and mod-host versions to mod-plugin-builder version and so on, let me know if there is something I need to know in advance :wink:


Quick update: added Cardinal

builded & tested with the only preset available, Plateau Reverb. CPU consumption for this preset on Nano Pi NEO2 see

NOTE: branch name still contains mod-ui release name, will be changed with v0.8 which refers to mod-live-usb release