MODX Inverted Display?

Hey there,

was wondering is there anyway to invert the display color scheme? like a dark mode?
Would make me seeing stuff clearer.

Replacing display seems to be not an option i guess.

cheers max


We tried inverted displays in the office at some point. The biggest problem with them is, that they get really hard to view at certain angles, which is why we ended up not using them.

In theory, we could make a software inversion, but this would still leave a white border around the usable display area, so I’m not sure how useful that would be.


How about letting the user decide…?
I could imagine that it’s useful in several cases, even if they are hard to read at some angles. But the option would be really nice anyway.


I’m guilty of suggesting numerous optional feature enhancements here :slight_smile:

I’ll add my word of caution that each new addition on the software side adds a commitment to maintain it in perpetuity. A feature enabled with a few lines of code change can seem tempting but it can also vastly increase the amount of test cases that need to be considered with each release.

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I’m sorry I don’t know how to make a new topic so apologies as this is somewhat unrelated I have trouble navigating some websites.

My question is regarding the right hand display on my MOD DUO X there has always been a row of dead pixels about the middle. Is there anyway to fix this I thought the most recent update might but its still there. Its only a little annoying but harder to see for someone like me. Any ideas?

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Hi @earnest_RAW,

Please send us a message to and we’ll take care of this issue!