ModX Usage of USB-Audiodevices

Just found my external usb card is working with the internal alsamixer via ssh.

Have you thought about extending the audio input/output on the modX, so it can be used within the web ui?

Cheers Max

Would it be worth having?

The integration would not be that difficult to add.
If you have not enabled the experimental usb-audio thing for Duo X, you can reuse that for audio inputs on any card, like so:

env JACK_INTERNAL_CLIENT_SYNC=. alsa_in -d hw:1 -p 512 -r 48000 -n 4 -q 0 -j mod-slave

Definitely having more inputs and outs would be a killer feature for me . Will give it a try.


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Please consider the usage of more inputs and outputs via a supported usb audio card.
Would that be doable?

@falkTX would it be possible to have more inputs and outputs via external usb card?

Possible, it is, for sure.
Right now? No.

When the Duo X officially works as soundcard, I will make it so that we can easily add more cards too.