More audio inputs?


Hello! I’m looking into using a Mod Duo (X) for a keyboard setup I’m putting together.

Would it be possible to add more audio inputs to the system? Either by using an external USB audio interface or otherwise?



The mod is based on the Jack system which normally does not allow the use of several audio interfaces simultaneously.

Now, if you are happy with NOT using the super good analog circuitry of the Mod, I have a strong feeling that you should be able to drop it completely and to switch Jack to use your USB interface instead (if it’s got enough inputs/outputs).

For that, you will need to log into the Mod and change the jack configuration.


Ah thanks that sounds interesting! Recently I made a setup with a Raspberry Pi, and was able to add two extra USB audio interfaces to the existing one by using the zita-ajbridge applications:

But also apart from the zita possibility, this is great news. It might mean I can use a Mod to replace a mixer and a couple of effect boxes.


If anyone could confirm that adding a class-compliant USB audio interface (like the ESI Maya44 for instance) by using zita-a2j & zita-j2a will work on the Mod DUO (X)… and that these extra inputs & outputs are usable in the system at low latency… that would be a reason for me to pre-order a DUO X. Thanks in advance.


I am not sure the kernel normally installed on the Duo includes the USB audio drivers. But I suppose you should be able to build them yourself using the cross-compiler.

Can anyone from the Mod team confirm ?

Alternatively, if you have another computer/PC on the side able to run netjack2 and to handle your USB interface, you can make this work with the MOD. The option is available in the MOD.

See that thread : Netjack pluggin


Thanks for the suggestion, but in my particular use case at hand the idea is to have the DUO X take over the function of a small mixer; space is very limited. Also, I think netjack2 would have to run over wi-fi, which is far from ideal for that, and would add considerable latency - which I think it would also if ethernet was a possibility.


the netjack2 solution uses the USB connection between the MOD and the PC.

The induced latency is very small.