"More-knobs" request?


That could definitely help some people out…

Tu le ferais en français or in English?


Haha i also thought you were kidding @solobasssteve :slight_smile:
But hey - i guess you got already plenty knobs on your boards/racks… :wink:


Maybe un peu les deux / peut-être a little both :upside_down_face::crazy_face::clown_face:


Hey @tourneriff, @gianfranco, @dwek, @ssj71, @solobasssteve and @domlo,

I found out about this feature with going through the pedalboards the mod duo came along with.
Last time when I rehearsed with my band I set some of the plugin parameters to be controlled by the encoders but but not the parameters I urgently needed, my bad…

If you assign plugin parameters to the encoder knobs change parameter labels under the extended section.
If you map every plugin’s “level” parameter to one mod encoder knob you might want to distinguish between that of the distortion, amp, delayor (you name it) pedal.
Simply rename it Dist_Lvl, Amp_Lvl, Dly_Lvl and such to keep readability.

Keep on grooving! God bless, Marius


I probably did when we first met at MTF Berlin, but given the sheer amount of info at the same time and in such conditions, I think it probably just went unnoticed :wink: