Multi Button to CV for expression

Hi everyone

A good way to use the new multiway to use a single switch wood be to get a plugin like this one Multi Button to CV - MOD Devices, but with a single CV output, so we can have a 3 position expression foot switch.

The Multi Button to CV is the way to have 3 different footswitch in a single one.
This plugin would be the way to have 3 different state of one single switch, like a 3 position expression pedal.

The plugin would control :

  • the 3 voltages (one for single-press, one for double-press, one for longpress)
  • the time to get slowly from one state to the other

What do you think ?


I think I got it, but could you give an application example?


Yes !

For example, you want your delay feedback to slowly go to 20% to 30%in 1s (and vice versa), but directly goes to 100%…

  • whatever is your feedback, when you single press the switch is goes to 20%
  • you double-press to go to 30% in 1s
  • you single press to go back to 20%
  • you triple-press to go to 60% in 1s
  • you longpress to go to full 100% instantly

Here is a quick example of what could be shown on the dwarf screen :
Ecran ModDwarf - Expression - switch


Another mode, maybe simplest to use, could be :

  • $initialValue = 20%;
  • while(long-press) { $buttonValue++ ; }
  • while(press + long-press) { $buttonValue– ; }
  • if(single-press) { $buttonValue = $initialValue ; }

I believe that this is already possible using an arrangement of CV plugins.
@jesse can you confirm this? I think you will know the perfect answer (I would need to dig a bit)