Multiple non midi plugin control question

Hi All,

On the DuoX is there a way to make the expression pedal on the Line6 FBV Express Mk2 control 2 plugins?

I play bass and would like to be able to map a volume plugin and the step control on the Super Whammy plugin to the expression pedal so that the volume fades in as the whammy control moves.

Many thanks in advance for any advice folks :slight_smile:

Hey @Krysalan

Why not try Setting up macro controls using CV

Assign the expressions pedal to the CV macro, and assign the macro to the stepper and volume :slight_smile:

Hope it helps set you on the right path!


Awesome!! Works like a charm :smiley:

Many thanks, my brains were starting to dribble out of my ears trying to puzzle how to do it.