Multiple PH-1 plugins share LFO


If i have 2 overtone PH-1 plugins on a board, changing the speed knob for one also causes the other one’s speed to change. I think the speed of both get summed together and that result controls the LFO.

How to reproduce

  1. Put 2 PH-1 plugins in a pedalboard
  2. Connect one in the audio signal chain, leave the other one completely disconnected.
  3. Change the speed of the disconnected one, and notice that the other one also changes.

4. Now hook them up in stereo, and notice that it still sounds mono. This means the LFO controlling each phase is in sync.

Expected/suggested solution

I guess some global variables should be made local somewhere.

Additional information

Mod duo

  • release:

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

Ubuntu studio

Do you see this on the WebGUI or do you just listen to it happening?
I tried it out and visually I couldn’t confirm that (didn’t do it with sound though).

It’s only the sound. Visual they are independent

Ok. Thanks for clarifying. I will ping the dev team to ask if they are aware.